Fafi x Undiz 2013 Collection

This Popular French graffiti artist Fafi has been a wanted woman for many years now! Fafi has collaborated with MAC cosmetics, Swatch, Married To The Mob, Adidas, Katy Perry and even directed a music video for the mermaid herself, Azealia Banks.

Undiz, a French lingerie shop, has also ben inspired by the girly street vandal. Check out the Spring collection here34f43a771ecd7ce9b64921a0a1964d87.jpg.opt435x337o0,0s435x337413dcd69a165e254a54cc520b495e305.jpg.opt434x332o0,0s434x332


5 Shades of Nude

Since I am writing an article on a new line by Christian Louboutin I wanted to check on something I read a couple of years back and found that I still have the same reaction to the news this day. As everybody knows, Loubs are known for their lacquered red soles, yet in 2011 a lawsuit was filed by the man himself to sue the equally popular fashion and beauty brand, YSL, who used or in other words “violated” the companies trademark on a few shoes in their newest collection. And in the end of it all…….he lost.

As of today, the Louboutin brand is world renowned and loved by many. Yet another iconic and unique idea has been thrown into the world for all to witness; a new line of nude heels. A lot of the time the word nude is depicted as being a pale beige in the fashion industry but Louboutin has broke yet another barrier and created shades that cater to almost every skin tone varying from fair to dark. The collection is now available in stores and online, you can also find your perfect nude by downloading the Louboutin Shades app!Image

RiRi, still a G…..4L?

Once again Rihanna is on the path to world domination. Featured in a number of movies, has three fragrances on the shelves, signed endorsements with Victoria’s Secret, H&M and Armani, has been named the new spokeswomen of MAC’s Viva Glam with complete collections that all sell out in the first few days, has her own fashion show on Bravo and has her second line with popular British store, River Island.

Rihanna is notorious for re-innovating her look but the one thing she will always have and put to good use is her nonchalant “IDGAF” attitude which tends to play a huge part of her style as well. This girl has touched on many Madonna inspired looks like her black and white inflated shoulder pads, colored animal skin printed jumpsuits to even carrying the infamous Vivienne Westwood penis clutch! So it isn’t a surprise when Rihanna decides to take the fashion industry by storm.

Pieces from the Fall ’13 collection range from a Scotch tape plaid top, baggy menswear to a shiny metallic gold thin strapped razor back mini dress. Order your favorite pieces now and remember to look out for the artists’ collection in select stores and online!


Jeremy Scott Brings Technical Difficulty To The Runway

Colorful skin revealing pieces moseyed on down the runway with a jungle fever flare. The designer’s 50’s/60’s space age inspired Spring 2014 line was a pop culture hit, seating some of today’s top celebrities front row at the Milk Studios in New York including: A$AP Rocky with girlfriend Chanel Iman, Iggy Azalea, photographer Terry Richardson, Nicki Minaj, Kat Graham, the Hilton sisters, even The Jonas Brothers.


Makeup Tips 101 With Jaylene

  1. Re-blend your foundation using setting spray and buffing brush
  2. Bring Q-Tips with you to remove mascara buildup in eyes and smudging
  3. Pick a nude lipstick that is a different shade than your natural lip color, you don’t want the color to wash you out.
  4. Apply your foundation in natural sunlight to see true color
  5. Avoid touching your face(bacteria, blotchy, etc), use tissue
  6. When blotting, first soak up oil with tissue or blotting paper then powder
  7. Choose a red lipstick with a blue undertone to help your teeth look white
  8. Use a color on your lower lash line to make your eye pop (purple, green)
  9. Wear primer if you’re going to be out all day
  10. Don’t forget to smile, make just helps enhance natural beauty(: