Makeup Tips 101 With Jaylene

  1. Re-blend your foundation using setting spray and buffing brush
  2. Bring Q-Tips with you to remove mascara buildup in eyes and smudging
  3. Pick a nude lipstick that is a different shade than your natural lip color, you don’t want the color to wash you out.
  4. Apply your foundation in natural sunlight to see true color
  5. Avoid touching your face(bacteria, blotchy, etc), use tissue
  6. When blotting, first soak up oil with tissue or blotting paper then powder
  7. Choose a red lipstick with a blue undertone to help your teeth look white
  8. Use a color on your lower lash line to make your eye pop (purple, green)
  9. Wear primer if you’re going to be out all day
  10. Don’t forget to smile, make just helps enhance natural beauty(: